By definition, a booster club is an organization that is formed to support (e.g. coordinate events, raise money, etc.) an associated club, sports team, or organization. Booster clubs are popular in American schools at the high school and university level.

OCP Athletics Booster Club is an all-volunteer, IRS-approved non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization (EIN# 81-3901557). At Orlando Christian Prep the booster club will support and enhance the Orlando Christian Prep Athletic Department and its teams through public relations, fundraising and special events.  

OCP has a budget for school sponsored athletics each year.  However, additional funding is needed to give our athletes and teams those extra things that may enhance their abilities, appearance, mindset, and school spirit.

Throughout the year the OCP Athletics Booster Club will provide opportunities for parents, alumni, and businesses to support the Athletic Program.  Your donation will be made to the OCP Athletics Booster Club a 501 (c)(3) therefore you can deduct contributions you make to the OCP Athletics Booster Club under IRS section 170.

Learn how you can begin to help our student athletes today.

Board Members:

Trisha Narvaiz- President

Patricia Stemple- Vice President

Robert Cordes-Treasurer

Robin Muser-Secretary

Contact Information:

OCP Athletics Booster Club

5456 Hoffner Ave.

Suite 205

Orlando, FL. 32812


Fax: 877-712-3887

Attn:  OCP Athletics Booster Club